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Within the county of Castro Marim, other points of interest include various beaches, the Guadiana River, the national forest, the traditional Portuguese town of Cacela Velha, Santa Rita village or the state-of-the-art Sports Complex.

Still in the surroundings of Praia Verde, one finds the city of Tavira (ca 20 Km away), also known as “Algarve’s Venice”. Gilão River stretches along the city, where several bridges and crossings connect both parts of town, including a Roman bridge which dates back to the Medieval Era. Tavira is also known for its numerous churches and chapels. Other attractions include Ilha de Tavira beach, the Palácio da Galeria, the nearness to Vila Real de Santo António and its 18th century down-town and the possibility to rent a boat to travel up the Guadiana along banks of pristine wilderness.

Various world acclaimed golf courses are located just a few kilometres from the hotel - Quinta da Ria, Quinta de Cima, Quinta do Vale or Monte Rei – and one can book tee times at the hotel’s reception.

The Algarve

Most commonly known as “the Door to Europe”, mainly due to its location in the most south-western end of the continent, the Algarve is also one of the most important tourist locations in Portugal. The temperate Mediterranean weather, characterised by short and mild winters and also long, warm and dry summers, the tepid and calm waters which bathe the south coast, the natural landscape, the historical and ethnographic heritage or even the healthy and delicious local gastronomy represent some of the attributes which keep attracting millions of national and foreign tourists every year, turning the Algarve into one of most sought-after holiday destinations.

Famous for its immense and pleasant coastline, the Algarve offers the possibility to visit beaches that are considered, by many, the best in Europe. Praia Verde’s Boutique Hotel is located a mere 800 meters from a most beautiful beach, clearly one of the resort’s highlights.